Getting Dressed

All my life I’ve struggled in the morning with getting dressed and finding that “perfect”outfit. A lot of times I find it’s because I’m not dressing for myself but instead I’m trying to dress in the way I think other people will like. Lately as I’m getting a little older I’ve been really challenging this thought and trying to dress for myself only. I’ve found my mornings have gotten easier, getting dressed isn’t taking as long, and I’ve been feeling more confident in the outfits I’ve put together; because I’ve put them together for myself, and myself only. It hasn’t been easy doing this but it’s been rewarding.








I still have some days where getting dressed is difficult but each day get’s easier. It may seem a little silly to some people and that’s ok. But to me this has been a big step in working on myself and getting to a more confident place.

I hope you all have wonderful days.



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