Little Plants

Last semester when I was still living in my dorm I had a few small plants and succulents that I kept in these cute little hand painted pots. I was proud of how I had been able to keep them alive for an entire semester considering I hadn’t had much practice in gardening before. Unfortunately when I moved out of the dorm my luck at keeping them alive didn’t last much longer. Up until recently my bedroom has been plantless and the pots had been sitting empty in the living room of my house. However the other day after a short trip to Walmart that changed. I picked up three little plants and some potting soil and got to work putting them into the pots.










I feel like the plants really brighten up the whole room. I’ve been enjoying waking up and seeing them and taking the time to water them. It’s a very relaxing and peaceful little part of my room that I’m glad I now have. Hopefully I have good luck with these plants.

I hope you all have wonderful days 🙂

– Brooke




2 thoughts on “Little Plants

  1. Abbie says:

    I so agree! I live in a tiny apartment with a nice big window but no balcony or garden so my plants are a way to bring the outside in. They make my space feel so much more comforting!

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